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Insurance fraud

Whoever hears the word "insurance fraud" often thinks of the classic: the broken TV set that needs to be replaced or the glass pane in the courtyard that was damaged while playing football tempt many people to get creative in relation to the associated events.

As a professional business detective agency, we are your contact for insurance fraud of all kinds! We help you to document and either substantiate or invalidate an existing suspicion.

In the end, you will have clarity and can plan further steps accordingly.

However, insurance fraud exists in the most diverse areas and - also with regard to the corresponding sums - often goes far beyond the leisure aspect.

Our years of experience in the field of observation and research show that unfortunately far too few insurers still follow up on any suspicions. Thus, only a fraction of the fraudulent acts are uncovered. Especially the "smaller offences" often remain undetected.


What types of insurance fraud are there anyway?

Insurance fraud comes in many different guises. Interestingly, the fraudsters are often not even aware that they are also defrauding the insurance company by their actions.Classic examples of insurance fraud are:

Daily sickness allowance insurance for the self-employed, which is claimed while the insured person continues to work and thus benefits from "two sources of money" for a certain period of time.

cheap items that have been stolen and were supposedly worth much more

forged doctor's and hospital bills from abroad

self-mutilations and faked "accidents".

Vehicle repatriation in the case of theft leasing

However, there are many more examples that illustrate how fraudsters try to obtain insurance benefits - although it must of course be emphasised that most customers are honest.

We help you defend yourself against insurance fraud!

Do you suspect that one of your customers has made untrue statements about a matter? Get in touch with our team! We will investigate and help you uncover any fraud - discreetly, seriously and promptly!

We work nationally and internationally and offer you the opportunity to continue focusing on your core business.

Of course, you can also use our investigation results in court afterwards to support your claim against the other party.

Don't let your insurance company suffer any longer from the machinations of unscrupulous fraudsters and defend yourself!



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