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You manage a company that has branches in Asia and whose employees you have to monitor - for whatever reason - for a certain period of time? Have you been the victim of brand piracy or plagiarism? Perhaps you also fear that your partner will be unfaithful to you again and again on a business trip to Asia?

The reasons for commissioning an international detective agency with investigation and observation work can be many and varied. In the vast majority of cases, however, such an engagement represents the far more time-saving and promising solution.

The Fokus detective agency has specialised, among other things, in working in the Asian region. Our tightly structured network ensures that you can rely on competent contacts - both in the big cities and in the smaller towns.

Our success rate speaks for itself!

Use our experience and our network to make observations in Asia as uncomplicated as possible! We look forward to hearing from you!


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Investigator in Asia - Your contact for the most diverse areas of investigation

Investigation work in Asia - Our private investigators bring you clarity

Over the course of time, we have supported our clients with regard to the most diverse investigative goals. Whether in the private or business sector: we adapt our work to the respective case and always proceed discreetly and individually.

By avoiding standardised solutions, among other things, we ensure that you can assert your rights and finally obtain clarity.

Due to our transparent way of working, you also benefit from the advantage of always knowing exactly what the results are at the current time, despite being thousands of kilometres away. The exchange with our clients is important to us - naturally also beyond national borders.

You benefit not only from a modern working method, but also from complete documentation. Our respective results can also - for example in the course of a court hearing - be listed as evidence.

We believe that even if the Asian continent is thousands of kilometres away, this does not mean that you should feel defenceless against brand piracy, plagiarism and the like. On the contrary! With the right partner, a reliable private detective agency, at your side, you create the optimal conditions for defending yourself against fraud and the like.

Use our experience and our network to make surveillance in Asia as uncomplicated as possible!

We look forward to hearing from you!



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