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You have been considering employee surveillance of your employees in Africa for some time - due to certain indications?

Do you suspect that you have been deceived by a marriage swindler?

Perhaps you also feel compelled to defend yourself against brand counterfeiting or similar?

In all these cases, it is your right to finally ensure clarity. However, at the latest when it becomes clear that the persons to be observed do not live in Germany, many people who have become victims of fraud, for example, ask themselves how complicated it could be to investigate internationally.

Our investigation agency has many years of experience in this field and has specialised, among other things, in observations in Africa. Here we have access to a large network of employees who speak the local language.

The investigators of the Fokus detective agency in Africa - these are your advantagesder

24 /7 - Investigation agency for Africa

In a time of growing globalisation, travelling to Africa is - at least theoretically - not a great challenge. However, problems often arise on site at the latest, which you can easily avoid by engaging our detective agency.

Our competent employees know the respective regions on site. They speak the local language and are therefore able to investigate seriously, discreetly and quickly - whether in a big city or in a smaller town.

Our work as private detectives and our many years of experience have taught us that some observations do not allow them to be integrated into a classic five-day week. Therefore, on request (and depending on the assignment) we are of course on duty for you 24/7.

At the same time, you benefit from our transparent way of working, in that we inform you promptly about milestones, new developments in the case and the like. Feel free to contact us with regard to our private detective agency for Africa!

In the course of our international investigation work, we have seen time and again that the saying "It's a small world" is quite understandable. Country borders should never be a reason for you to forego your rights!


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