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Few things are harder to deal with than uncertainty. Perhaps you have a spouse and are not sure if he or she is really faithful. Or you are already divorced and want to know what your former partner is doing in terms of access rights to your children.

In these and many other cases, it is usually the case that there is only circumstantial evidence. But you have no solid evidence. If it is about criminal acts, you can turn to the police at this point. But often it is not about criminal offences. Then it is time to contact us and hire a private investigator.

We investigate your case

Our concern is to provide you with certainty. On the one hand, this can be done by providing you with the necessary evidence to substantiate your suspicions. Or perhaps your suspicions turn out to be unfounded. In any case, however, one thing is necessary: careful detective work by a well-trained private investigator.

First of all, we record your details in the course of a personal interview. During this meeting, you will also receive advice on how you should behave during our investigations so that they can be as discreet as possible.

On the basis of your information, we will then immediately start our work and begin with the investigation. This often involves observation. At this point it becomes clear why hiring a private detective is practically without alternative. Due to personal acquaintance as well as lack of experience, a personal pursuit is rarely crowned with success. A private detective, on the other hand, usually quickly provides usable results.

Dispute with the neighbour ?

Maintenance payments Refused?

We provide evidence

It is not unusual for the cases we take on to end up in court. Whether it is about the divorce of a marriage or the review of access arrangements for the children. At this point at the latest, suspicions are no longer enough. It is then a matter of solid evidence. In family courts and other civil courts, only what can be proven is valid.

Accordingly, we provide you with a comprehensive investigation report upon completion of our assignment. In addition to precise details of our activities, this report also contains the photographs we have taken as well as all documents that are relevant to your case. If this information is not sufficient for the competent court, it is possible to call our private investigators as witnesses. The necessary evidence will then be provided by their testimony.

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In addition to the fields already mentioned, we will also work for you in the following cases:

- Search for persons

- Maintenance and custody

- Global Investigations

- neighbour disputes

We focus on transparent costs, an efficient approach and a practice-oriented preparation of our investigation results. Regardless of the matter at hand, time is almost always a critical factor. When you have a suspicion, your behaviour towards the persons concerned changes quite automatically. This can lead to more caution on the part of the suspects. In the process, valuable evidence can be irretrievably lost. Therefore, call us as soon as possible so that we can arrange an initial consultation appointment promptly. We will then take care of your affairs immediately.



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