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Infiltration and undercover work - the Fokus investigation agency meets high standards 

Whoever thinks of infiltration and undercover work often thinks of agent films and is of the opinion that the classic everyday life of a private investigator would be different. The fact is, however, that in the course of the corresponding investigative work it may well be necessary to infiltrate the environment of the person to be monitored in order to be able to gain important insights into what is happening without attracting attention.

What advantages do infiltration and undercover work offer you in the context of investigations?

As a client, it is your right to obtain clarity as quickly as possible. Regardless of whether you contact us with regard to insurance or expenses fraud, for example, or in connection with undeclared work: we will help you quickly and unbureaucratically.

At the same time, we are of course aware that the success of our investigations could be jeopardised by the smallest of mistakes.

Therefore, we re-evaluate each case, weigh up which approach is most suitable and use all our skills to provide you with certainty.

In many cases, it is advisable to rely on infiltration and appropriate undercover work. In this way you benefit from, among other things:

(usually) quick results, as the possible perpetrator is completely unobserved and therefore feels safe.

a complete documentation of the respective case, as in undercover work it is often possible to observe the suspect even more extensively.

Contrary to many prejudices, undercover work is by no means a kind of "disguise game" or a procedure that would only be used in agent films.

On the contrary! Our competent detectives know exactly what to look for in the course of an infiltration in order to fit perfectly into the respective overall picture.

Thus, we cover all areas and, for example, bump into the life of the suspect as a pizza baker, forklift truck driver or colleague and can thus quickly present initial investigation results.

Regardless of the area in which you need our help: we work individually, completely inconspicuously and on the basis of high standards.

In order to be able to offer our clients the broadest possible service portfolio, we have also focused on infiltration and undercover work, among other things. Based on our years of experience, we thus manage to work discreetly and inconspicuously.


What role do infiltration and undercover work play in the everyday life of the
Fokus Investigation Agency?

The number of cases in which the detective team of the Fokus investigation agency relies on infiltration and undercover work has increased continuously in the course of the last few years.

At the same time, we are of course aware that there are also cases in which other approaches are more suitable for achieving the goal.

Based on our many years of experience and a high degree of competence, we are able to make a realistic assessment of the case, advise you individually and find out whether infiltration and undercover work are also suitable in your case to quickly reach your goal.

5 reasons - why you should choose Detektei Fokus

Detektei Fokus is your contact when it comes to surveillance in the most diverse areas - both in the classic way and undercover.

With us you benefit from:

transparent and uncomplicated procedures

an individual consultation, in the context of which we coordinate the respective procedure with you and familiarise you with our working methods

many years of experience in national and international observations

a large network, almost all over the world

an impressive success rate.

We not only offer you a high level of competence, but also a lot of passion and experience. This is how we ensure that you finally get clarity and - if necessary - can take further steps (for example, in court).



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