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Our goal is to provide you, as a company or private individual, with the necessary criminalistic expertise to solve your concerns successfully and effectively. We attach great importance to professionalism, seriousness and discretion and use our know-how in a targeted manner to achieve your goals. Our experienced detectives and investigators work according to precise planning and at the same time are flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances. With us, you have a trustworthy partner at your side to help you overcome your challenges.

In doing so, we always work according to the highest quality guidelines and use the most modern technologies to gather evidence that will stand up in court. Our goal is to provide clarity for our clients as quickly as possible and thus give them a solid basis for their decisions.

As an internationally operating detective agency, we are also there for you in cross-border cases. We have a network of partners worldwide and can therefore also carry out complex investigations effectively.

International orientation

our company is committed to assisting you in difficult situations and helping you to resolve your concerns discreetly and efficiently.

With our experienced private detectives, you can rely on a discreet and professional investigation - be it in cases of infidelity, child reunification or other conflicts.

Our business detectives are specialised in uncovering abuse in the areas of sickness fraud, moonlighting or insurance. We support you in the investigation of working time offences, insolvency offences or accounting irregularities.

As experts in criminal investigation, we take care of theft, burglary and damage to property as well as welfare fraud and other criminal offences. Municipalities, authorities and lawyers benefit from our experience in the search for unknown residences or unclear employment relationships


Regardless of the area in which you would like to entrust us with the corresponding investigative work: we will be able to help you!



Global investigations

Through multilingual investigators we can operate in almost any country.


Professional investigations with the most modern technology.


Evidence that can be used in court for our clients.


24 hours 7 days operational Free initial consultation, reliable, discreet and in accordance with the latest data protection standard.

Focused execution

Around the clock by a specialist assigned to you.

Cost controle

No hidden costs, accurate billing and transparency.

This is why you should choose Detektei Fokus

Clients who commission us to carry out investigative work benefit from, among other things:

  • transparent and uncomplicated procedures
  • individual advice.
  • Absolute discretion
  • multilingual investigators
  • private investigator assigned to you

  • years of experience in national and international investigations
  • a large network, almost all over the world
  • quick readiness for action
  • highest degree of professionalism

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