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The Fokus detective agency was founded to provide clarification and justice for private individuals and companies in contentious situations. Our professional detectives have many years of experience in criminology. This means that they are familiar with measures that are useful for education and how they are applied. They know the methods to observe, covertly and in a structured manner, and to use methods that are legally permissible. Due to the multilingualism, we are internationally active and networked worldwide. Many years of professional experience enable our private investigators to pursue a targeted and success-oriented approach.

What is right must remain right!

Our areas of application are on the one hand in the private sector. As a private detective, we take care of the concerns of private individuals. These can be topics such as infidelity and cheating, fraud in general, the search for missing people, the clarification of stalking and bullying cases, the solving of questions about maintenance and custody or even the use of neighborhood disputes. But companies can also approach us. Our business detective agency takes care of the clarification of various topics in the area of ​​insurance or possible suspected cases in commercial enterprises. Support work for lawyers is also one of our areas of activity. If, as a lawyer, you need evidence of an upcoming court hearing, we'll take care of it. Or if the evidence is contradictory and inconclusive, we provide clarity with our educational work.

That's what a Privateinvestigator is looking for

That's what a detective is looking for. Objectivity is very important to us in the investigation. In a conversation, we grasp the essentials and plan the procedure. Our work is about education and creating clarity. We are looking for answers for you. You will be informed of the results through regular contact. Upon completion, you will receive documents that can also be used in court.

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Costs of our investigative work

We work success and cost-oriented. You will receive a statement with no hidden costs. If you entrust us with the case, you will receive an overview of possible cost items. Research and educational work by the private investigator cost an expense-oriented fee. Our approach always takes the client's self-determination into account. It is important to us that the dignity of each individual is preserved. Personal rights remain unaffected. We work in accordance with data protection regulations. We support our clients with professional competence and according to individual requirements. Even after the order has been completed, our private detective agency is available for queries or further advice. Your concerns about justice and education are important to us. Call us today if you need our help. The Focus detective agency is on duty 24 hours a day.


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