Expense Fraud | Settlement Fraud

Expense Fraud | Settlement Fraud | Expense Manipulation

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Expense Fraud | Settlement Fraud | Expense Manipulation
Expense Fraud | Settlement Fraud | Expense Manipulation

An offence that harms your business

Expenses are incurred during this time.

Regardless of whether the expenses in question were incurred in connection with fuelling the company car, a dinner with a business partner or for some other reason: the receipts that can be taken into account in the course of the settlement are submitted - ideally.

Unfortunately, many employees are guilty of expense and accounting fraud and thus often cause lasting damage to your company - sometimes even without knowing it or being aware of the consequences of their actions.

What is actually expense and billing fraud?

Expense and accounting fraud can come in many different guises. In most cases, employees submit receipts that are not related to their business activities or even falsify them.

But hospitality receipts should also be scrutinised. Did the employee really invite a customer or perhaps his family to dinner?

Especially the driver's logbook, which is kept in connection with the use of a company car, is sometimes very susceptible to fraud.

Because: in order to be able to book a higher kilometre allowance, for example, kilometre data is often given here that does not correspond to the truth.

In some cases, employees also try to claim private journeys as business journeys.

The Fokus Detective Agency: We help you to get on the trail of expense and billing fraudsters!

You suspect that one of your employees is not being honest with regard to his submitted receipts? The competent business detectives of Detektei Fokus will be happy to help you. We observe your employees on their business trips and thus document whether the submitted receipts really match the events.

Whether national or international: our close-knit network allows us to work quickly, unerringly and on the spot.

Why is it worth taking action against expense and billing fraud?

Submitted expenses are usually paid out with the wage and salary payment of the respective month. Those who are self-employed settle the corresponding receipts via their income tax return.

It is clear that business meals and commercial trips may not be faked here in order to enrich oneself.

Nevertheless, there are many people who see this as an opportunity to supplement their household budget. Remember: if your employees submit false receipts and have the respective sums paid out to them, they damage your business.

Therefore, it is important to act quickly in case of suspicion.

The detectives at Detektei Fokus will be happy to advise you on how to proceed with regard to checking an expense report and which signs could indicate that you have abused your trust. If the suspicion continues to grow, we will start surveillance - naturally in close consultation with you.

Do not accept it when an employee violates applicable law! Our documentation around an expenses and billing fraud can of course also be used as evidence in court.




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