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Do you feel betrayed?

Have you been cheated? Or would you like to know whether you have been taken advantage of? We are your competent partner for all research and investigations into fraud incidents, including inheritance, debt, theft, sales contracts, rent and vehicle manipulation - both nationally and internationally.

Due to our many years of experience, we have supported our clients in the past with regard to the most diverse types of fraud. We know which factors become important in the clarification, are familiar with classic fraud patterns and, of course, work discreetly and reliably.

This brief overview alone makes it clear how versatile fraud can be in everyday life. It is therefore all the more important to work with a professional private investigation agency.

Certainty can reassure

Our private investigators use their professional know-how to ensure that you get clarity once and for all and support you in asserting your claims. After all, being a victim of fraud can not only be a financial burden, but also a psychological one. It is therefore all the more important to take action now and trust in the competence of professionals.

The Fokus investigation agency is characterised by a convincing success rate, worldwide areas of operation and modern equipment. We do not work according to standards, but always adapt our approach individually to the client. In addition, seriousness, confidentiality and detailed documentation of our investigations are a matter of course for us. In an in-depth consultation, we will inform you about your options.

Results that can be used in court help to enforce your claims

We work on the basis of high standards and document our results. Accordingly, the documents of our investigation agency can also be presented in court as evidence in connection with allegations of fraud. They thus represent an important building block on the way to your right - and regardless of the type of fraud to which they relate.

The private detective agency Fokus helps you to create clear conditions and to assert your claim against the fraudster


It would definitely be the wrong way to ignore fraud in everyday life. Because: the consequential damages that result from this are - especially at the beginning - usually difficult to assess. Therefore: use our expertise to be able to go about your everyday life again relaxed and with a good feeling. No victim of fraud should surrender to his or her fate.




Global investigations

Through multilingual investigators we can operate in almost any country.


Professional investigations with the most modern technology.


Evidence that can be used in court for our clients.


24 hours 7 days operational Free initial consultation, reliable, discreet and in accordance with the latest data protection standard.

Focused execution

Around the clock by a specialist assigned to you.

Cost controle

No hidden costs, accurate billing and transparency.

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