Detective agency against bullying | Stalking

Detective agency against bullying |Stalking

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Investigation agency against bullying | stalking

Do you suspect that you are being watched lately or have you often noticed people or vehicles following you?

Stalkers behave in many different ways.

For example, through unwanted and repeated phone calls, various text messages, messages on the answering machine, e-mails at all times of the day and night. Love notes such as love letters, flowers and gifts, and orders under the victim's name. It could be the rejected suitor, the ex-partner, or even your own partner.

We help you to clear this up.

False accusations, against the employer and interrogations of the circle of acquaintances, damage to property, insults, slander, threats, coercion or blackmail are also common practice of the perpetrators.

The stalker aims to attract attention by any means and to establish contact in some way. In extreme cases, the perpetrators do not back down from physical or sexual violence.

Let our investigation agency advise and help you.

Bullying and stalking, are often reasons why people separate themselves from society. Life becomes noticeably out of balance. But does moving to another city? or even to another country help? What should those affected do? Consult a detective agency to regain your freedom. This is the only way for the authorities to become active.




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