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What does custody and maintenance mean? What can we do for you as private investigators?

Custody (§§ 1626 ff. BGB)

When parents separate and custody is being clarified, the best interests of the child are paramount. In most cases, this is decided by the family courts. The legal basis is the German Civil Code from §§ 1626 ff. onwards. Custody is divided into personal care and property care. Personal custody is concerned with the personal affairs of the child. The care of property means how the economic and financial circumstances of the child are regulated.

Maintenance (§§ 1601 BGB)

Maintenance is divided into cash maintenance and maintenance in kind. Cash maintenance means money payments and transfers. Maintenance in kind includes food, education, accommodation, clothing, nursing care, health care, pocket money for personal needs and leisure activities.

What can we do for you as private investigators?

As custody and maintenance are negotiated in court, it is advantageous to be able to present usable evidence as to why custody should be awarded to you.

If you feel that the best interests of the child are at risk with the other parent, we can provide the necessary facts.

We examine the environment and the living circumstances of the ex-partner. In doing so, we proceed discreetly and professionally.

Circumstantial evidence provided by you will not be recognised by the court. We also investigate for you if the partner refuses to pay maintenance and demonstrably feigns his or her poverty risk.

Exemplary reasons that may speak against the award of custody:

  • The duty of supervision is not given.

  • The child is neglected and shows conspicuous behaviour.

  • Your ex-partner has mental health problems of his or her own.

  • There are signs of domestic violence.




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