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The partner behaves differently than usual, is dismissive, comes later and has excuses. He invents tall tales, gets entangled in explanations or conceals something. This is where the questions arise:

Is my wife cheating? Is my husband cheating? Is my partner cheating on me? Is my partner committing adultery? To get answers to these questions, we advise you to contact a detective agency.

You should refrain from doing your own research. For example, you look for hair on clothes that do not belong to your partner. You check his diary and ask directly at work. You follow him to see what people he is seeing. We advise against this. You should also consider asking your friends and acquaintances about it and involving them as bystanders.

Infidelity and cheating are often reasons why couples separate or marriages break up. Life becomes noticeably out of balance. Living together is made more difficult by mistrust. But how can you tell if someone is unfaithful or cheating? How should those affected behave in order to be sure? The first step is always a personal conversation with the partner. If this does not lead to the desired clarity, we recommend that you contact a detective agency.


Why hire a detective agency if you suspect infidelity?

We always recommend approaching a detective agency and hiring private investigators. They are unbiased and objective. They are trained and proceed professionally. They are specialists in their field. Private detectives provide you with objective evidence through discreet observations and investigations. After a short time you will know whether the suspicion of cheating is well-founded or whether your feelings have deceived you. A detective agency acts according to the legal possibilities. Data protection is respected. The client does not appear. However, it is not permitted to install tracking devices on your car, to monitor your mobile phone or computer or even to track your partner via GPS. These are state measures and are not to be used in cases of suspected cheating or infidelity. These possibilities are therefore not available to private detectives.

Our detective agency is represented nationally and internationally. As a detective agency we work worldwide in order to fulfil the orders. As a result, we have international contacts which are very helpful in our enquiries and investigations. Our private detectives personally travel worldwide to complete their work successfully. Since it is our task to provide you with clarity, we spare no effort and take on any expense. The contact between the client and the investigator is constantly maintained in order to inform you regularly about the results. In the end, you receive meaningful material to obtain certainty.

Cheating does not remain without consequences

If you are in an unfortunate situation and have been cheated on, it is helpful to talk to someone about it in order to work through the events, to strengthen your self-esteem again and to regain your inner balance.

Infidelity or adultery are not criminal offences. No one can be blamed when it comes to divorce. However, the principle of breakdown applies to divorce.

According to the German Civil Code, a marriage can only be divorced in Germany if it is irrevocably declared to have broken down. This means that the cohabitation has been dissolved or has broken down to such an extent that a solution between the partners can no longer be expected. This must be proven accordingly. Family law stipulates that in the case of uncontested divorces, one year of separation must have preceded the divorce, and in the case of contested divorces, three years of separation must have preceded the divorce.In the case of a divorce, a trial is held to determine how it could have come about that one partner committed adultery. This is another reason why it is advantageous to hire a detective agency if there is a suspicion of infidelity or cheating. Materials compiled by the private investigator can be presented as official evidence in divorce proceedings.

Culpable behaviour can have an impact on further negotiations regarding spousal or separation maintenance, access and custody rights and pension equalisation. In a divorce proceeding, both parties are heard. In court proceedings, the judge determines in the course of the proceedings what cause led to the breakdown of the marriage. If it turns out that the marriage broke down as a result of cheating, it is at the discretion of the judge how he or she decides on maintenance, custody and pension equalisation. For this reason, we recommend calling in a detective agency to determine the exact nature of the adultery and hiring a divorce lawyer to represent you in court.



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