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Neighbourhood dispute | Damage to property

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Many types of neighbour disputes become so vicious over time that the consequences can be both financial and psychological. Therefore, it is all the more important to react quickly, among other things also against the background of protecting oneself. Our private detective agency Fokus helps you to reliably assess your individual situation, to secure evidence and thus to be able to live in peace again.

Defend yourself against noise disturbance, damage to property and other types of neighbourly disputes!

In order for you to be able to assert your rights in the case of neighbour disputes, it is almost always important to document the relevant disruptive factors. The investigators at Detektei Fokus know exactly which points need to be taken into account in order to make the recordings usable.

Whether it is a matter of proving damage to property, creating comprehensible noise logs or collecting usable evidence in connection with other scenarios, for example: we are your contact when it comes to quick and uncomplicated solutions around neighbour disputes!

Neighbour disputes - This is why they should not wait

Experience shows that in the first step it can sometimes be worthwhile to approach the neighbour yourself. In many cases, however, communication is (unfortunately) often not possible here. The result: the fronts harden further, the dispute becomes more personal and puts more and more strain on the parties involved.

The private investigation agency Fokus helps you to be able to prove criminal offences, vulgarities and so on - among other things also in court... Of course, even if the accused denies everything. Thanks to our meticulous documentation, we create clear conditions and help you to live in peace again.

Many problems with neighbours can be solved at the latest when you have the results obtained by a professional during surveillance. Show your neighbours your personal boundaries and defend yourself against noise pollution, damage to property and /or the illegal use of your property, so that you can once again experience your home as a place of peace.

A neighbour's disputes are often more complex than they might seem at first glance. Perhaps you have already experienced in the past that it does not always have to be the neighbour's music system that is set too loud that reduces your own quality of life.




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