Undeclared work | Benefit fraud

Undeclared work| Benefit fraud | Social benefit fraud

Avert damage

The Fokus detective agency helps you uncover social fraud and undeclared work.

Undeclared work or social fraud is by no means a trivial offence. On the contrary! Anyone who works and earns money without an employment contract is liable to prosecution.

Do you employ a staff member who you suspect is calling in sick to work for a third party, thus staying insured and earning double? An abuse of trust of this kind should not be ignored. Because: the worker in question is not only taking advantage of your company, but may also be harming you financially.

At the same time, the cheats the state out of its income. In short: undeclared work is a serious form of social fraud. Therefore, it is important to investigate any suspicions for these reasons.

Are you looking for a competent detective agency with many years of experience to help you track down a possible social fraudster? Maybe you already know that one of your employees is working illegally and you just need evidence that will stand up in court?

Our detectives know what to look for when observing possible social fraudsters. We work in the background and of course document all our findings. So you can be sure to get clarity soon and either defend yourself against a dishonest employee or trust him again.


In all these cases, we are your contact! Regardless of whether it concerns an employee working for you at home or abroad: we will provide you with clarity.

Based on our investigation results, you can then plan all further steps in a well-founded manner.

What signs can indicate undeclared work?

Many employers who contact us with regard to a suspicion of undeclared work or social fraud are uncertain. They do not want to place their employees under general suspicion, but have - sometimes unfortunately justified - doubts about their honesty. Possible signs of social fraud or undeclared work include:

longer periods of sick leave where the employee "surprisingly" returns to work within five weeks (and therefore shortly before the time when sick pay would have to be claimed)

Secondary jobs that have not been declared to the main employer.

frequent tardiness and evasive answers to questions about the reason.



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