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How often is it reported that people disappear. It doesn't matter whether the people are missing, missing in action, gone underground or disappeared without a trace. We private detectives use all permitted means to locate these people and bring them back to you.

In every search for persons we work according to proven procedures and elaborated concepts. These are individually adapted to the requirements of the person being searched for. It is always advisable to involve a detective agency in the search for persons. Private detectives can devote themselves exclusively to your concern.

How does the Fokus Investigation Agency work in the search for a missing person?

Detektei Fokus finds missing persons in Germany, Europe and worldwide. Through successful investigation work and subsequent observation, we have already succeeded in tracking down and successfully returning missing persons abroad. Due to our international orientation and our linguistic know-how we are active both nationally and internationally. In our work, it is very important to us that the exchange with the client is trusting and clear.

When searching for persons, a private investigation agency must always comply with the applicable jurisdiction and legislation. Protective and personal rights of the missing persons must not be violated. Collected evidence is only legally valid and usable in court if it has been collected in accordance with the legal regulations. Attention is always paid to compliance with the data protection ordinance.

It is painful to be in the dark about what has happened to loved ones or how they are doing right now. Do not hesitate to contact us. The sooner a search begins, the sooner the person can be found.


Missing and disappeared persons can be:

  • Heirs
  • Persons wanted by the police
  • Colleagues
  • Friends
  • Witnesses
  • Family members
  • Debtor



Global investigations

Through multilingual investigators we can operate in almost any country.


Professional investigations with the most modern technology.


Evidence that can be used in court for our clients.


24 hours 7 days operational Free initial consultation, reliable, discreet and in accordance with the latest data protection standard.

Focused execution

Around the clock by a specialist assigned to you.

Cost controle

No hidden costs, accurate billing and transparency.

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